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Seeking Jesus For many years before Christ’s birth man anxiously awaited the   prophecies that He would come. Then came that night of nights when the angel of the Lord came upon shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock, and the pronouncement, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord” ( Luke 2:11 ). The shepherd were personally invited to search for Jesus. Did they wait or procrastinate their search for Jesus? The record affirms that the shepherds said to one another, “Let us now go even unto Bethlehem. … And they came with haste” ( Luke 2:15–16 ). Wise men also seeking Jesus journeyed from the East to Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. … “And when … they saw the young child with Mary his mother, [they] fell down, and worshiped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gift

Church History Tour-Kirtland A Sacred Place

Kirtland - was one of the most spiritual times and places since the resurrection of Christ and the early days of the ancient Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   Not only was it a place a hardship for the early saints, but it was a time and place for great spiritual manifestations which included several visitations of the Father and the Son as well as many other heavenly messengers.   Many "felt the power and felt the glory" of our Savior's visitations, [knew He was in the room with them], but did not see Him.   One of the principles that separates the beliefs of the restored Church of Jesus  Christ from other religions is the belief in a living God. "We believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost" [Article of Faith 1] "These three beings make up the Godhead. They preside over this world and all other creations of our Father in Heaven. The true doctrine of the Go

Church History Tour- God Appears in Small and Simple Places

Church History Tour: The John Johnson Farm    The John Johnson Farm is in located in Hiram, Ohio  I was very unfamiliar with this home and farm in Church History, yet very familiar with events that  happened there.  I knew the history just didn't know WHERE .  That is what was so great about this tour we went on, it helped connect stories and history I have heard my whole life to the actual places they happened.   I had a lot of things mixed up in my head.  The John Johnson Home was the headquarters of the Church for a certain time period. I  learned that pretty much where ever Joseph was living at the time, became the center of the Church.  Which makes sense. What happened in the John Johnson home?  Joseph and Sidney were invited to come live in the John Johnson home for a quiet, peaceful place they could work on the translation of the Bible.  Soon Emma joined with their 4-month old twins Joseph and Julia.  Sidney and his wife Phoebe with their 6 children m

Church History Tour- Eliza and Lorenzo Snow

"When we understand the character of God, and know how to come to Him, He begins to unfold the heavens to us, and to tell us all about it.  When we are ready to come to Him, He is "ready to come to us" (Teachings of the Prophets of the Church: Joseph Smith) Home of Oliver and Rosetta Snow in Mantua, Ohio where Lorenzo and Eliza Snow lived from 1815-1838 The original home included the large section to the left door. You see a dividing line right next to the door. That is where an addition was later added. "When we understand the character of God, and know how to come to Him, He begins to unfold the heavens to us, and to tell us all about it.  When we are ready to come to Him, He is "ready to come to us"   (Teachings of the Prophets of the Church: Joseph Smith) Some background information on Eliza and Lorenzo Eliza Roxcy Snow Young -(January 21, 1804-December 5, 1887) is one of the most well-known women of Church History.  She  was a renow

Church History Tour-Angel Moroni Comes and Joseph Recieves the Plates

For those following my Church History Series, these are posts about a North Eastern Church History Tour my husband and I went on this past summer.  It was a dream vacation for me that was testimony building to say the least and life changing in many ways.  I am sharing with all of you my pictures, some thoughts, and information from many of these sites.  This is mainly for my mother.  We share this love for the gospel  and scriptural insights.  It would have been so much fun to take her along with us.  She would have loved every second of it. I am constantly updating my Church History posts with pictures and information. So keep checking back to see the changes.  This gospel is so true!! Previous Posts from this Series: Who Were Joseph Smith's Ancestors Religion Prior to the First Vision Joseph Smith Sr. Father of the Prophet The Birthplace of Joseph Smith Alvin Smith: the Ideal Son and Older Brother Re-visiting the First Vision Joseph and Em

Church History Tour- Joseph and Emma

From the movie : Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration Joseph and Emma first met in November of 1825.  Joseph was almost 21 and Emma had turned 21 in July of that year. I don't have anything super exciting to say about their engagement and marriage except that being a natural romantic,  I love their story! So when we went to the house where they spent the first few weeks of their marriage, my ears and eyes perked up a bit. After Joseph tried unsuccessfully to get Isaac Hale to give him his blessings in marrying his daughter. He decided to marry Emma anyway.  She was "the choice of his heart".  He loved her, and knew she was the one the Lord had prepared to be his wife, and to be of comfort and support to him in his very important call as the Prophet of the Restoration.  I am sure he hoped the support from his father-in-law would come later.  Plaque outside the home Bronze statue of Joseph in the Josiah Stowell yard The home of Josiah Stowell

Church History Tour- Joseph and Emma's Harmony, Pennsylvania

lds.or g One of the most memorable sites on our tour was Harmony, Pennsylvania.  I know I have said many times how I could feel the spirit of each of these sacred sites, and it is true.  You could feel it in Harmony!  First off Pennsylvania is beautiful. My husband and I kept telling each other  "We could live here". It is so green and lush and cozy.  We loved it in Harmony. The morning we were there it was kind of misty with drizzling rain.  We parked the bus and walked back into this hidden grove.  In the grove, there were log seats to sit on in a circle encompassing all the walls of the grove. I could of just sat there... feeling....  Our tour guides mentioned that this is where the Stakes of that area, celebrate the Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration, otherwise known as Father-and-sons camp out.  I have never had a desire to go to a Father-and-sons camp out, until that misty morning sitting in the grove at Harmony.  The Susquehanna River flowed not too far from t

Church History Tour- Re-Visiting the First Vision

The Lord's Hand of Providence was over the Joseph and Lucy Smith family. They had devastating losses moving 9 times in 20 years of marriage. Although they didn't know it at the time, each trial had a high "providence"purpose. Each one putting them in the right place, at the right time in history to bring about, what they all wanted, what the world needed, and what God had in store: The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith and their family moved to Manchester County New York,where they eventually purchased 100 acres of land.They lived down town in Palmyra for a while before moving to their land where they built 2 different houses here: the log home, and the frame home. During the early 1800's religion was a hot topic in Palmyra and also in the whole region and district as Joseph wrote in his history. I would also add, that it was a hot topic in the Joseph and Lucy Smith home. Lucy and several of the ch