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Church History Tour- Which Plate Am I ?

Church History Tour: Brigham Young's Home The Kitchen table in the Brigham Young home in Nauvoo (Photo taken by Richard Rust, with permission) B-A-C-K to the Church History Tour!  One of my favorite places of the whole tour was of coarse, Nauvoo.   I love that city and love visiting there.  It had been about 13 years since I was there last, so it was exciting to be back again. While we were there we heard from various people and missionaries, "go see the Brigham Young house!" We went inside and it was quaint and cute like all the other restored homes, smelling a little dusty, testifying to me that yes this place is old, and very authentic.  [Update: The Atonement plates are in the Brigham Young home, but no longer used as a lesson for visitors coming in. They stopped teaching it because these plates were found on site before renovations, but they can’t prove they were Brigham Young’s. I decided to keep my post because the lesson remains powerful regardless

Church History Tour: Liberty Jail Experience

As we visited Liberty Jail and saw with our eyes and felt so much of what Joseph Smith and the other prisoners went through, I really felt grateful for how he endured that trial and what he learned from it, and how I have grown from this experience as well as my own Liberty Jail trials. Liberty Jail:  A small jail in which the Prophet Joseph Smith and others were unjustly imprisoned from November 1838 to April 1839. While in these difficult conditions, Joseph received certain revelations, gave prophecies, and was inspired to write an important letter to the Saints, excerpts of which are contained in Doctrine and Covenants 121–123 . Elder Jeffrey R. Holland gave an astoundingly great talk on this very subject called "Lessons From Liberty Jail" It is a must read, and I hope you will take the time to study that talk. "In the Prophet Joseph’s letters, he spoke of the jail being a “hell, surrounded with demons … where we ar

Church History Tour: Independence, Missouri

These shoes served me well and stood in many sacred holy places that were "temple-like" in their sacredness and spirit... from Independence, Liberty Parley Street in Winter Quarters in Omaha, Nebraska.  Hi everyone!  Just got back from a whirlwind Church History Workshop with my husband and am excited to share some of the awesome, insights we learned along the way.  This was SUCH a great opportunity that I wish all of you could experience. I know we may be boring people or boring parents, but I would MUCH rather spend my money and time on a Church History Tour than a trip to Disney Land.  It is so worth it and such a testimony building experience. You can't go to these sacred places without coming away moved, that yes indeed, something sacred happened here.  You feel it. However,  let me interject and say that you don't have to be in these places to know it is real, or to feel the power of testimony of these people and