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Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Boxes

I found the idea and pictures@ , Her Beautiful Mess, This is a craft using none other than TOILET PAPER ROLLS. I am not kidding.  They are so cute and so.... affordable .  Start saving your rolls!! You can use scrap-book paper to dress it up or leave it with-out Although these look a little wider than toilet paper rolls.... the idea is still there of what you can do to make it look cute I am thinking....this might be a cute something for my Laurels for Christmas.  I am not sure what to put in it...maybe some candy, or a picture, or a quote...etc. Here is my attempt at it: To make these all you need is: toilet paper roll paper cut to 10 1/2 X 14 cm any accessories

Family Scripture Study & Following the Prophet

Our family scripture study this past year has been  PATHETIC My only consolation is that I knew that our teenager group was reading on their own every night-because of Seminary (ya for Seminary!) When our children were younger (non teenager-ish), family scripture study went pretty well.  We let everyone know what time it would be, and they obediently came and participated.   We started family scripture reading when our oldest, Amber, who is now 20, was just barely learning to read. She would read the easy words like: was, if, and it came to pass, etc.  We would help her say the bigger words like: nevertheless, stiffneckedness, and exceedingly. Reading scriptures was kind of a reading practice time.  For even the younger ones, we would tell them what to say and they would repeat us. We then progressed to the point that everyone could read a little bit on their own without help...and we would try to explain what was going on in those verses.  Richard had to le