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Church History Tour- Joseph and Emma's Harmony, Pennsylvania

lds.or g One of the most memorable sites on our tour was Harmony, Pennsylvania.  I know I have said many times how I could feel the spirit of each of these sacred sites, and it is true.  You could feel it in Harmony!  First off Pennsylvania is beautiful. My husband and I kept telling each other  "We could live here". It is so green and lush and cozy.  We loved it in Harmony. The morning we were there it was kind of misty with drizzling rain.  We parked the bus and walked back into this hidden grove.  In the grove, there were log seats to sit on in a circle encompassing all the walls of the grove. I could of just sat there... feeling....  Our tour guides mentioned that this is where the Stakes of that area, celebrate the Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration, otherwise known as Father-and-sons camp out.  I have never had a desire to go to a Father-and-sons camp out, until that misty morning sitting in the grove at Harmony.  The Susquehanna River flowed not too far from t

Church History Tour- Re-Visiting the First Vision

The Lord's Hand of Providence was over the Joseph and Lucy Smith family. They had devastating losses moving 9 times in 20 years of marriage. Although they didn't know it at the time, each trial had a high "providence"purpose. Each one putting them in the right place, at the right time in history to bring about, what they all wanted, what the world needed, and what God had in store: The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith and their family moved to Manchester County New York,where they eventually purchased 100 acres of land.They lived down town in Palmyra for a while before moving to their land where they built 2 different houses here: the log home, and the frame home. During the early 1800's religion was a hot topic in Palmyra and also in the whole region and district as Joseph wrote in his history. I would also add, that it was a hot topic in the Joseph and Lucy Smith home. Lucy and several of the ch

Church History Tour- Alvin Smith

Previous Posts in the Church History Series : Who Were Joseph Smith's Ancestors Religion Prior to the First Vision Joseph Smith Sr. Father of the Prophet The Birthplace of Joseph Smith As I went on this tour of the Northeastern Church Sites, I found myself being so inspired by these GREAT GREAT people who we have grown up hearing about, but have not necessarily come to know.   I found myself coming to know each of them and gaining insights as well as deep feelings into who they were. Alvin was definitely one of those that  deserves his own post! Those of us/you who are members of the LDS faith are probably familiar with the Joseph Smith film: The Prophet of the Restoration.  I personally love this film and never tire of watching it.  It is very well cast and they do a beautiful job of telling the story.  In this film, you get a visual of Alvin: a mature, caring, loving older brother who Joseph looked up to from his early childhood.  That is in essence who Alvin reall

Church History Tour- The Birthplace of Joseph Smith

The next stop on our tour was Sharon, Vermont: the birthplace of the Prophet Joseph Smith. This was one of the most spiritual places on our whole tour. This was a very special place where you could definitely feel the spirit of this family here. I was overwhelmed in my thoughts and feelings as I began mentally putting together and realizing in such a profound way how Joseph truly was a prophet of God--called and foreordained for a great mission and purpose. He was second only to Christ in greatness. The more you learn, the more this becomes apparent. In the birthplace visitor's center there is a spirit there. As I walked in and saw the portraits of Lucy Mack and Joseph Sr.   I felt I was amongst them looking into their faces. I felt like a welcome visitor in their home. I loved this beautiful painting of young Joseph Smith's surgery which is displayed there. It shows so much: A mother traumatized, heart-broken, and helpless through what had to happen t

Church History Tour: Joseph Smith Sr. the Father of the Prophet

By William Witaker  Through this tour, I gained a GREAT love for the Smith family. This was truly one of the greatest families to have ever lived.  Born of noble ancestors, this family was called of God to lead the gospel in it's beginning restoration stages.  It would be hard to find a family as obedient, faithful, enduring, sacrificing,  as they were.  Great, great people. Joseph Smith Sr. was born on  July 12, 1771 in Topsfield, Massachusetts to Asael and Mary Duty Smith in "a little house near the mill." As a child of  10 years old he helped out in the Revolutionary War.  What he did, we are not sure. We can imagine what a young boy of his age would be used for in battle? Maybe he played the drum, loaded a musket, or carried a flag?  We can imagine that he was a dedicated, faithful, loyal, boy, trustworthy in every assignment he was given. Very little is known of his growing up years. He was brought up by God-fearing Bible-believing, Bible-teaching, Bibl

Church History Tour- Religion Prior to the First Vision

One of four churches on four corners  in downtown Palmyra, New York  We all know that the country was founded upon  liberty to think, speak, live, and worship according to the dictates of our own conscience.  The Pilgrims who came to this country were Bible-teaching, Bible-believing folk who feared God and wanted to walk uprightly before Him.  45% of Pilgrims were original ancestors to the Mormon Pioneers. There were great social pressures to be religious, God-fearing people who  belonged to a church. If you did not, you were thought of  as " of the world" and looked down upon by society If someone joined the "wrong" church, the others would say they were in error.  The only church that said one was right, was they were following.  They each witnessed against one another and none were like the Church of Christ as it once existed. Two main branches of Christianity were Calvinism, and Arminianism. In New England, most churches were strongly