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My Stroke Story

On Thanksgiving Night (2014) about 8:00 p.m. Completely unexpected, and definitely unplanned, I had a dense and rather severe Ishemic Stroke .  I am here to tell you of the power of prayer.  We believe it was the faithful and heartfelt prayers of MANY that helped me to survive this stroke.  Miracles do exist. I was 47 years old and in my opinion...way too young to be having a stroke!  Many  people agree with me.  I am way way too young.  How did it happen?  The doctors are still trying to figure that out. They told me I was a complex, complicated patient in that my symptoms did not match what they usually see. Because my recovery was so quick, they originally believed it was a migraine cluster headache, that can mimic a stroke many times. They no longer believe that was the case.  I have never had a migraine head-ache in my life and don't suffer from a lot of bad headaches.  My original stroke symptoms were very severe but it wasn't until the first MRI came back

Day of Grace media library M ormon was the great ancient American  military general, a Nephite prophet of his people, and record keeper of their history (311-385 A.D.) Mormon was  instructed to prepare himself to take charge of the records and record keeping.  At the time Mormon was 10 years old. Ammaron, the one who was keeping the records and preserving the records at that time, noticed that Mormon was" a sober, and quick to observe" child.  He told him that when he reached the age of 24, he was to go to the specific hill that he had hid all the records, and go there and engrave the things he observes with the people.  After recording the history of his own lifetime, Mormon abridged the large plates of Nephi on the plates of Mormon. He later turned this sacred record over to his son Moroni. These plates were part of the record from which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon (See also: Introduction to the Book of Mormon ) ) Mormon lived during a very violent,

Church History Tour- The Red Brick Store

On this morning, we woke up early and were scheduled to be in the Red Brick Store at 7:00 AM.  Now,  some of you may be wondering what was so amazing about the Red Brick Store.  It wasn't the store, but upstairs from the store that was the sacred site. That was the location where the Relief Society was organized under the authority of the Priesthood and Joseph Smith the prophet!  The Relief Society was organized by Joseph Smith and his wife Emma was "elected" as President of that society, or group of women. There was an actual vote, and she was voted in.   Each woman who wanted to join the Relief Society had to apply to be apart, then they may be voted in. The instructor who was teaching this class mentioned that his ancestor applied to join, and actually did not make it in the first time she applied.  She was voted in at a later time. So this of coarse is different than how we each become a part of Relief Society today. We are each apart of this organization