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Showing Up for the Little Things

photo source I am not a big fan of Halloween .   For the most part, I tolerate it.  It is cute, it is fun (I guess), but my happiest moment is November 1st-because it is O V E R!  This year it is especially bad.  My husband usually out-trumps me in hating Halloween.  I think I have out-trumped him this year.  The kids, of coarse, LOVE I try to get in the mood to do all the [fun] traditions. Today was the pumpkin carving contest at school.  This is the day parents and excited elementary age children can be seen carrying their prized creations in the school cafeteria to all be judged as the best in a variety of categories. They had been sending notices home for about 3 weeks, gearing us all up and trying to entice us to participate.   For the most part, I enjoy decorating pumpkins for the contest. Sometimes, I feel artsy-craftsy, and have fun trying to think of fun things to create out of the pumpkins.  We have only won once, and that was the year we turned the pu

Gospel Outcomes

Have you noticed your family or personal scripture study starting to slip? I know we have our moments.  Can I tell the difference?  Definitely yes.    I bumped into a very interesting "study" that has made a difference in my motivation to read and have our family read.   It is found in the book Searching the Scriptures by Gene R. Cook.     -The Study- Part 1:  Several years ago the  Church did a study in which they interviewed hundreds of young men (also could work and be applied to young women) to discover:   What determines their faithfulness in the gospel?   This is the list that the parents came up with which they named:   "Gospel Outcomes" This is what they most wanted for their boys (I apply this to the girls as well)  1. Ordination to the Melchizedek Priesthood 2. Receive temple endowment 3. Serve a full-time Mission 4. Marry in the temple [What does your list look like?] Having young men who honor thei

Daughter Journals

The journals I bought for my Daughter Journals I have been writing in a journal since I was 8 years old It is fun and embarrassing to go back and look at my crazy handwriting and laugh at the ridiculous things I wrote about.  I have completely forgotten most of the things I journaled about way back then--and actually even 5 years ago.   I have gone to my journals many times to look up information or details of something I have forgotten about. It has been really nice to have them. The other day I actually caught my girls laughing hysterically with one of my journals in their hand. It was one of those moments you think about happening when you are keeping a  journal, and you kind of hope doesn't happen. The idea of writing a journal for my children came from Linda Eyre. I loved that idea...especially since I already enjoyed journaling. I went out and bought 5 small-sized, hard-backed journals and started journaling my daughters lives. {see the above picture} Ba

Waiting on the Lord

Alyssa 20 yrs old Waiting on the Lord is a concept we have learned, and re-learned, and re-lived each time we go through a trial or experience that requires a measure of faith, patience, and endurance,-more than what we normally live through.  ********************************* I think back to the time when our 5th daughter, Alyssa,  was born with a cleft lip and  palate. We first learned of her cleft lip at birth.   I had a normal pregancy in every way except I had an on-going feeling during my pregnancy that something was not right. A feeling mothers cannot ignore, although we might want to.  I honestly thought of anything and everything it could be, and mentally prepared myself for many possible scenarios. At the appropriate time, I had all the tests given to determine the health of the baby including tests taken for birth defects. All the tests came back normal. I still felt something might be wrong.   Having a child with a  cleft lip never crossed my mind becau

Making our homes a mini-MTC

There is a G.R.E.A.T talk from Sylvia Allred called Making our home a Mini-MTC from the 2007 BYU Women's Conference .  What a concept!  I love that!  What are some of the small things we do in our homes everyday to prepare our  children  to stand on their own-spiritually? In other words what are we doing to make our home an MTC? This is the errand of angels given to us as women and mothers in our home.  This is the greatest nurturing we can do in our homes-to prepare our children spiritually and physically for what lies ahead. The MTC (missionary training center) It is a time of learning and preparation- just like our homes should be-a  place of preparation for our children.  We are their teachers. Doctrine and Covenants 88:119 "Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer " A house of prayer A day at the MTC begins and ends with prayer, with praying throughout the day.  Prayers are offered during  p

Having Faith