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The Order of Obedience

We had our first four children in three years.  It was a feat that few can accomplish.  We had twins which doubled things up pretty fast. I remember waiting for the birth of our twins, and realizing how out numbered my husband and I would be with our little family and knowing that above all, we needed to have order.  Prior to their births, I prayed many times that the Lord would show me how to have a family with order. I knew my sanity and happiness depended on it. I started training myself to be more orderly, and started teaching my children some basic principles. My first realization from the Lord was to teach obedience.  Obedience comes in  steps or layers, especially when they are very young. They can't be expected to do step 3 if they haven't mastered step 1.  If they do, and you allow it, the order is lost, and no principles are taught. For example, one of our first steps when they were little bitty, was to stay in our own yard to play.  This was very import