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Church History Tour- Joseph and Emma's Harmony, Pennsylvania

One of the most memorable sites on our tour was Harmony, Pennsylvania.  I know I have said many times how I could feel the spirit of each of these sacred sites, and it is true.  You could feel it in Harmony! 

First off Pennsylvania is beautiful. My husband and I kept telling each other  "We could live here". It is so green and lush and cozy.  We loved it in Harmony.

The morning we were there it was kind of misty with drizzling rain.  We parked the bus and walked back into this hidden grove.  In the grove, there were log seats to sit on in a circle encompassing all the walls of the grove. I could of just sat there...feeling....  Our tour guides mentioned that this is where the Stakes of that area, celebrate the Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration, otherwise known as Father-and-sons camp out.  I have never had a desire to go to a Father-and-sons camp out, until that misty morning sitting in the grove at Harmony. 

The Susquehanna River flowed not too far from that very spot where we sat. We didn't actually see it.
In fact, the actual location where Joseph and Oliver were baptized has since dried up.  But we were in the location where John the Baptist as well as Peter, James, and John appeared to Joseph.  You could feel it.  It is a sacred spot. 

I did not take any pictures inside this grove of trees. I now wished I would have. I didn't want the camera to get wet, and I didn't know how much this site would mean to me later.  It was a special place.

The Church is in the process of restoring Harmony

...much like they restored Joseph Smith's birthplace and Kirtland and Nauvoo. 
See the official announcement [here]
Site of the Isaac and Elizebeth home

Not too far from the site of  where Joseph and Emma's home will be restored,
 and where the priesthood was restored, is a cemetery. 
Here is the sweet gravestone of Joseph and Emma's first born son, Alvin, who lived only a few hours.

Three major events happened in Harmony


  1. Joseph and Emma meet in November of 1825, and were married January 18th, 1827 in South Bainbridge.
  2. The Translation of The Book of Mormon
  3. The Restoration of the Priesthood
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