Thursday, November 1, 2012

Joseph and Emma

From the movie : Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration
Joseph and Emma first met in November of 1825.  Joseph was almost 21 and Emma had turned 21 in July of that year. I don't have anything super exciting to say about their engagement and marriage except that being a natural romantic,  I love their story!

So when we went to the house where they spent the first few weeks of their marriage, my ears and eyes perked up a bit.

After Joseph tried unsuccessfully to get Isaac Hale to give him his blessings in marrying his daughter. He decided to marry Emma anyway.  She was "the choice of his heart".  He loved her, and knew she was the one the Lord had prepared to be his wife, and to be of comfort and support to him in his very important call as the Prophet of the Restoration.  I am sure he hoped the support from his father-in-law would come later. 

Plaque outside the home

Bronze statue of Joseph in the Josiah Stowell yard

The home of Josiah Stowell


It was thrilling to be inside this home where the tour guides described some of the simple tasks that Joseph did prior to his marriage, such as ironing his own shirt.  It was romantic feeling to be in this home, and I could feel they were once there.  There were three bedrooms upstairs and we all walked through and tried to guess which bedroom was Joseph and Emma's.  We all guessed and were about 1/2 right.  I love the story of their marriage.
And now with Emma, Joseph was able to begin one of the greatest purposes of his for-ordination as prophet:  the receiving and translation of the golden plates, otherwise known as  The Book of Mormon.  Emma was key.