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Teaching the Atonement Using Comparisons

In preparing to teach my Sunday School class of energetic 13 year old boys, I asked them what they already knew about the Atonement.  I got a lot of blank stares.  They knew it had to do with this picture above, and faith, but in all reality, the whole topic was a little blurry to them. I have been struggling with WHAT and WHERE to teach. So I decided this week to approach the teaching and learning through comparisons. Comparisons is using a story or visual with symbolism to teach a principle. "A man walking along a road fell into a pit so deep he could not climb out.  No matter what he did, he  could not get out by himself.   "The man called for help and rejoiced when a kind passerby heard him and lowered a ladder down into the pit. This allowed him to climb out of the pit and regain him freedom." "We are like the man in the pit. Sinning is like falling into the pit, and we can’t get out by ourselves. Just as t

Power in FAITH

I attended a Women's Conference about  POWER in FAITH and POWER in COURAGE.   Our speakers,  taught an important concept that  I needed, and that is that having faith doesn't mean we have faith in a specific OUTCOME necessarily, but our faith is in the the Lord REGARDLESS of the outcome. That is so vital because if that outcome doesn't come to play, if our faith is centered in Christ and not the outcome, we don't lose our testimonies over it. I really liked that thought. A great scripture insight was taught: The parable of the bread and the stone in Matthew 7 .   The principle is  that the Lord wants to give us everything- -the best blessings and the best gifts, but that we also need to ask for it. The bread symbolized the BEST gift or the BEST blessing.   If we ask for what we want the most (bread)  He is not going to give us a stone. We need to trust in the Lord to know that HE WANTS to give us bread. He is not going to give us a stone if we ask for b