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The Miracle of Birth

Birth is truly such an amazing experience!! I participated in it 7 times bringing our 8 children into this world! However, it was a totally different experience when our daughter gave birth, than when I did.  Not participating in the pain and  laboring through child-birth gave me a whole new perspective.  Our daughter Aubrey had a pretty healthy pregnancy, but then developed pre-clampsia during her 37th week.  Her blood pressure, as well as protein in the urine was so high, they induced her at 37 weeks and 5 days  (to be exact) . We knew from ultra-sounds that they baby was fully developed and already weighing 7.5 lbs. After 25 hours of labor, I watched our first grand-daughter come into this world.  It was so beautiful and so special!!  Have you ever been apart of a birth?  (besides your own) Do you remember the very special spirit and feeling  you felt in the birthing room? I remember feeling this with all my children, but noticed it especially when my daughter wa