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What is The Book of Mormon?

A question from a friend not of my religion, "what is The Book of Mormon"?  "I haven`t understood why the prophecies of LDS are considered by critics to be more fake than those of any other religion in the world and I like the part in the Book of Mormon that says that there can still be new prophecies as opposed to general view in many religions that the prophecies ended forever with their favorite prophet. But if it is clear that the Book of Mormon has been assembled in different times according to current political views of the leaders and made to look like a whole, then it would be understandable why some people don`t take it seriously. Personally I find all central books of religions are influenced by the writer`s views and it is known that the Bible was assembled over a long period. It would just be honest to admit that parts of the book have been added or rewritten later and are thus fictional illustration to held beliefs." I wrote a blog post a while

The Name of our Church

  The official name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "The Mormons" is actually a nickname given to us because of our belief in   The Book of Mormon ,  Mormon was a prophet-historian and was the one who abridged all the ancient records into the book called The Book of Mormon. I'll talk more about that later.                                                          What makes us different than almost any other religion is our belief in God. Most people believe in some sort of a Supreme Being although they may call him by different names. We know that God lives and I am excited to share with you my feelings about Him. "We believe in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost." [Article of Faith 1] We believe in what is referred to as the Godhead.   The Godhead consists of three separate beings who are all Gods: God-our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ-His Son, and the Holy Ghost. You

Best Marriage Advice Ever

Before I was married, my wise mother sat me down and gave me the best advice I have ever received about marriage: 4 Ways to Have a Happy Husband Happy Husband #1: Keep the Cave Clean We wives really underestimate how important this is to our husbands. They may not say it, but oh, how they love a home that has order. When they come home from work and the house is a place of chaos both physically and spiritually... they feel that stress and it adds an extra burden to their shoulders. This does not mean that our homes have to be perfect, or that we have to do all the work ourselves. Keeping the house clean is kind of family project. For the most part, this is something we can all strive to make run smoothly, and to not give up after a few bad experiences. I realize that some women are offended at this suggestion, and I don't mean to offend anyone. But, you must know , a husband is a happy husband who comes home to order not c