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God is Sometimes a Fourth-Watch God

Christ walking on the sea , by Amédée Varin Someone approached me one day while I was going through my heaviest trial, and said, "God is sometimes a 4th watch God".  It made me deeply ponder and wonder and then research what she meant that.   In the New Testament there is that beautiful story of the Savior appearing in the night, walking on water, after his disciples "toiled in rowing" for most of the night. We can all relate to that exhausting symbolism of moments and times in our own lives of toiling in rowing. Here are some insights I 've  learned from this story.  The Hebrew nights were roughly divided into 4 watches: 6:00 PM-9:00PM = 1st watch 9:00 PM- Midnight= 2nd watch  Midnight-3:00 AM= 3rd watch 3:00 AM-Sunrise= 4th watch The idea of God sometimes being a 4th watch God comes from the concept that God does deliver His people. It is in our times of trial,  toiling, exhausting every idea, and turning over every rock  that He co