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Mothering Teenage Daughters

One of my favorite motherhood quotes is : "Life doesn't come with  manual, it comes with a Mother". Another one is, "When we mother, we are mothering generations." When I started having all girls,  I received a lot of comments about how terrible the teenage years were going to be for me. Our first four daughters are 3 years apart due to having our first two  15 months apart, and then twins. I  had so many sympathy blessings given to me in dread of what was to be the worst and most painful part of my whole mothering career: the teenage years. I am embarrassed to admit, when my children were little, I lived in fear of those years.  How was I going to safely steer that time with my sanity in tact?? I am happy to report that after successfully navigating the waters of 8 teenage daughters so far, that it has been a pretty good experience. I have been pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed my teenage daughters, and their friends. In fact, I can honestl