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Proclamation FHE Chart


I really wanted a Family Proclamation FHE Chart
and to make that the focus of our family home evenings.

To read my Proclamation Series go {here}
Our previous Family Home Evening board was out-dated and was needing a face-lift.

I am not the most creative crafter out there by any means. I am not a scrap-booker, although I have a thing for buying scrap-book paper. The desire is there, I just don't know what to do with it all.

I knew I wanted the Proclamation on our chart, front and center.
I grabbed my scrapbook paper and pretty much let the creative juices flow.

I used my same FHE board and painted it black.
You will notice my previous hook holes, which I will need to use again.

Grab some Mod Podge and sponge paint brushes. You will notice that I have something under my board. Don't forget this. Mod Podge is not Elmer's Glue, and will not come off of your wood table if you get it on there. I did find that it does come off of the counter a little better, but why risk d give yourself another job?  If you keep your surfaces covered you are safe.

Your next step, if you haven't already done this, is to pick out the scrapbook paper you want to use on your board.  This is the pack I used.  I bought it at Wal-Mart for $5.

 After you have selected your paper, cut your bottom piece to the right size and set it aside.  You want to have it ready.  Paint Mod Podge on your board.  Work fast because it dries quickly. 
Adhere (not a word I use everyday) your bottom piece of paper to your board.

I think I actually did mine the hard way and cut my paper after I "adhered" it. 
 Craftiness to me is living and learning as I go along. 

Mod Podge has a way of bubbling-up.  This roller worked extremely well with the bubbles.  Mod Podge did get on the roller part, but it came off easily. 

Select your contrasting paper and cut your Proclamation into parts.

You will need to cut your contrasting piece in half

I like the torn edge look, so next I tore my edges and Mod Podged it (that is a verb) to my paper.

Next you need to decide how you want it to look, so play around with different layouts, then Mod Podge that layer.

You will need to cut some paper for the names of your family. 
 This is how I did mine.  Add those to your board along the bottom edge, and
Mod Podge those before you write on them.

When you are done, sand the edges down a little.  This gives it a cool antique look and also gets rid of any messy paper edges you may have

Screw small cup hooks in and add your FHE pieces and you are done!

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