A Handbook for our Dad

AS  most of you know, my husband is a little out-numbered in our family.    The first inclination for most of you, is to immediately feel sorry for him.  He has heard the comment about going to the mountains once a month-more times than we can count.  I am pretty sure he feels rather special to be the only man in the house and relishes in having 8 daughters.

He always has someone to scratch his back, rub his feet, get him a drink....etc.  So don't feel sorry for him. On the other side, he is not a passive father sitting on the couch.  He does plenty for them and is very involved in their lives. He is a great spiritual leader in our home and the biggest kid in the house.

 He also has had a lot of great ideas in raising our girls, that have been special things he has done just for them. One example is when they turn 16, he takes them on their first date.  It is a big one.  He buys them plane tickets and they fly in an airplane for their first time, to Washinton DC.  We have family there, so it works out well.  They have a great Daddy-daughter date touring DC for a few days.   I have to say, he is a great father and is very protective of his daughters.

There have been times, however, when things haven't gone so smoothly.   The  emotional levels at our house can get a little high.  Richard has been trying very hard for the past 20 years to figure out what to say and what not to say to the girls.  Unfortuntely, there have been a few train wreck experiences on that journey. Little comments like, "is that your hair for today?"  or "so, you are going to wear THAT dress?"  don't go ever very well, and he doesn't know why or how to say it differently. Of coarse, given the right set of circumstances, he could say "you look nice" when they feel their ugliest, and he still loses. He has learned sometimes it is best not to say anything.

 Our oldest daughter, no doubt, has had the most experiences since she has been around the longest out of all her sisters.

So in order to help him out, she made him a hand-book in dealing with his daughters.  This was for his birthday about 3 years ago.   It still  remains one of his most treasured gifts that he still refers to.  I thought it was great so I decided to share it with you.  Here it is:


The Good and Correct Way to Deal With Emotional Girls
For all men who just don't know what to do when a girl starts crying

Written By Amber Rust
with help from her sisters

What is the correct and proper way to approach a crying girl?

A. Yell at them and tell them to stop
B. Coos and cuddles them and talks to them like they are 2
C. Run for the hills
D. It really matters on the situation

The best answer it probably D.  You never know how a girl is going to act so just always be on your guard


If a girl is angry and it looks like she can not be stopped, what is the good and proper way to handle this?

A. Yell at her and tell her to grow-up.
B. Give her "the eye"
C. Back away very slowly and get out of there as quickly as possible
D. Let her yell and get out it out because if she doesn't it will just build up.

In this circumstance many would want to choose C, but the answer is D.
When girls are angry they just want to get it out so let them.

When a girl is giggling and can't be stopped,
 what is the good and proper way to handle this?

A. Yell at her and tell her to stop
B.  Back away slowly and pretend that she is not giggling
C.  Giggle with her and joke around with her
D. Leave her alone, she's probably "in love"

The correct answer for this would be C or D.  She is in a good mood, don't put her in a bad one.  It is common nature for a girl to giggle.  We don't know why we just do.

What is the good and proper way to deal with a sad girl

A. Yell at her and tell her to be happy
B. Ignore her and pretend that absolutely nothing is wrong
C. Leave the room as quickly as possible without making too much noise
D. Ask her what is wrong, and listen to her

The answer is D. 
When a girl is sad she just wants someone to care enough to ask.  She might say no at first, but she just wants to see if you really care.

What is the good and proper way to deal with happy girls?

Well Dad you already know this answer because you do it everyday! 
We all love you and appreciate everything you do for us.

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