Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gospel Outcomes

Have you noticed your family or personal scripture study starting to slip?


I know we have our moments.  Can I tell the difference?  Definitely yes.   

I bumped into a very interesting "study" that has made a difference in my motivation to read and have our family read. 

 It is found in the book Searching the Scriptures by Gene R. Cook. 

  -The Study-

Part 1:  Several years ago the Church did a study in which they interviewed hundreds of young men (also could work and be applied to young women) to discover:

 What determines their faithfulness in the gospel?
This is the list that the parents came up with which they named:
  "Gospel Outcomes"
This is what they most wanted for their boys (I apply this to the girls as well) 
1. Ordination to the Melchizedek Priesthood
2. Receive temple endowment
3. Serve a full-time Mission
4. Marry in the temple
[What does your list look like?]

Having young men who honor their priesthood, dress like they honor their priesthood, and are anxiously looking forward to holding the Melchizedek Priesthood is very important to young women who are also seeking these blessings. 

Part 2:  The boys were then grouped into two obvious categories...

1. Those who received these gospel outcomes &
2. Those who didn't

What made the difference?  Why did the boys in one category have the gospel outcomes their parents desired and the boys in the other category didn't?

What was the role of seminary? Peers? Church leaders? Family?

"The answer was strikingly simple that many struggled to comprehend it...
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Personal prayer and personal scripture study"

"Could it be that simple?
...That the young men and young women who pray and read their scriptures will have the gospel outcomes we all desire.
I believe in large measure that is so." 

Part 3Next question we all have as parents...
How do we get our kids to pray and  study the scriptures?

3 answers came back that they categorized under

Family Worship of God
"1. Have family prayer.  Show us a family that is having family prayer, and we'll show you a boy who is learning how to have his personal prayers.

2. Have family scripture study and Family Home Evening Show us a family that's regularly reading the scriptures together, and we'll show you a boy who's reading the scriptures on his own.

3. Teach and exemplify the Lord's values.  Somehow the values of the Lord have to transfer from one generation, the adults, to the young people.  The families that learn to do this are those that have gospel outcomes."
"The church helps and supports parents in their teaching, but the real battle is won in the home--the home is what asserts the greatest influence on our youth"
How important is family scripture reading?
How important is family prayer? 
 How important is the teaching and example of parents? 

They are vital

If we are consistent in these things, our children will be much more likely to read scriptures and to pray on their own-and when they do that they will be much more likely to receive their temple endowments, go on missions

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and be married in the temple"
 "A promise from the Lord"

"If we will begin or continue to faithfully read the scriptures as a family, the Lord will deliver us from bondage--it may not happen immediately, but in time, the Lord will answer our prayers."