Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Atonement is like a Blanket

When I think of the Atonement, I think of a blanket that covers me.

By nature I am almost always cold.  I hate to be cold more than anything else.  If I am cold, I cannot sleep at night, and cannot concentrate during the day.  My mind just wants comfort and warmth.

Turning to the Lord, and having the Atonement applied in my life and letting it cover my pains, heart-aches, struggles, and sins...feels like the perfect warm blanket on a cold night warming, soothing, comforting, loving, and bringing healing to a needing body.

"The word atonement is from the ancient Hebrew word Kaphar, which means to cover. Isn’t it interesting that when Adam and Eve discovered their nakedness in the Garden of
Eden, God sent Jesus to make coats of skins to cover them? Coats of skins don’t grow
on trees. They had to be made from an animal, which means an animal had to be killed.
Perhaps that was the very first animal sacrifice. Because of that sacrifice, Adam and Eve
were covered. In the same way, through Jesus’s sacrifice, we are also covered."--see Brad Wilcox  Faith as an Anchor