Fortifying My Home

I am on a personal mission to spiritually fortify my home and family.
 We live in times, much like the days of the Stripling Warriors. Are we not symbols in many ways of those Anti-Nephi-Lehi parents as we send our children out on missions at such a time as this?
  Our youth are exceptional.  Our children are strong.  We have the enemy, so to speak, all around us. I  feel like I cannot sit casually by,doing my normal thing,  while the enemy gets closer and closer.

The enemy is not in the hills and mountains around us, but in many cases in our own homes. 
  In the days of Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon, they fortified their cities with deep ditches,  high timbers, strong walls that were high and impassible. Then they would strength all the weak areas. make them their strongest area Then they also armed their people individually.
I am feeling that those similar times are upon us. 
  Elder Richard G. Scott of the Twelve, gave this great momentous talk last General Conference where he talks about fortifying ourselves and families through the power of the Atonement. 
This is so great as he uses the example of the Anti-Nephi Lehi's and the Stripling Warriors and applies these same principles to us today!
Here are some of the highlights from the talk.
"The joyful news for anyone who desires to be rid of the consequences of past poor choices is that the Lord sees weaknesses differently than He does rebellion. Whereas the Lord warns that unrepented rebellion will bring punishment, when the Lord speaks of weaknesses, it is always with mercy."

"The spiritual protections built around the Ammonite fathers blessed and strengthened themselves, their families, their country, and future generations. The same can be true with us."
So how do we build these eternal fortifications?
  • Make covenants and receive ordinances for yourself. Then steadily and consistently work to provide ordinances in the temple for your own ancestors.     
  • Share the gospel with nonmember or less-active family members or friends. Sharing these truths can bring a renewed enthusiasm into your life.     
  • Serve faithfully in all Church callings, especially home teaching and visiting teaching assignments. Don’t be just a 15-minutes-a-month home or visiting teacher. Rather, reach out to each individual member of the family. Get to know them personally. Be a real friend. Through acts of kindness, show them how very much you care for each of them.     
  • Most important, serve the members of your own family. Make the spiritual development of your spouse and children a very high priority. Be attentive to the things you can do to help each one. Give freely of your time and attention."--Elder Richard G.Scott  

  •  ~ I love Elder Scott's reference to the Father's of the Stripling Warriors described in his talk!  Very touching!~

    It is Conference TIME!

    Elder Robert D. Hales:
    "I testify that we are gathered in His conference. I also testify that we will hear His word, for He has said, “Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.”

    "Conferences have always been part of the true Church of Jesus Christ. Adam gathered his posterity and prophesied of things to come. Moses gathered the children of Israel and taught them the commandments he had received. The Savior taught multitudes gathered both in the Holy Land and on the American continent. Peter gathered believers in Jerusalem. The first general conference in these latter days was convened just two months after the Church was organized, and conferences have continued to this very day.

    "These conferences are always under the direction of the Lord, guided by His Spirit. We are not assigned specific topics. Over weeks and months, often through sleepless nights, we wait upon the Lord. Through fasting, praying, studying, and pondering, we learn the message that He wants us to give.
    Some might ask, “Why doesn’t the inspiration come more easily and quickly?” The Lord taught Oliver Cowdery, “You must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right.” Conference messages come to us after prayerful preparation, through the Holy Ghost."
    Follow the prophet!!
    "We may not know all the reasons why the prophets and conference speakers address us with certain topics in conference, but the Lord does. President Harold B. Lee taught: “The only safety we have as members of this church is to … give heed to the words and commandments that the Lord shall give through His prophet. There will be some things that take patience and faith. You may not like what comes from the authority of the Church. It may contradict your [personal] views. It may contradict your social views. It may interfere with some of your social life. But if you listen to these things, as if from the mouth of the Lord Himself, with patience and faith, the promise is that ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against you; … and the Lord God will disperse the powers of darkness from before you, and cause the heavens to shake for your good, and his name’s glory’ (D&C 21:6).”
    The application
    "The greatest blessings of general conference come to us after the conference is over. Remember the pattern recorded frequently in scripture: we gather to hear the words of the Lord, and we return to our homes to live them."

    "Studying the conference messages will help us gain great strength -which will bless families for generations to come."
     "How am I going to live different
    from what I hear at conference?"
    Elder Hale's Testimony: " I bear my special witness that the Lord Jesus Christ lives and stands at the head of this Church. This is His general conference. I promise you in His name that if you pray with a sincere desire to hear your Heavenly Father’s voice in the messages of this conference, you will discover that He has spoken to you to help you, to strengthen you, and to lead you home into His presence"

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