Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3rd Annual YW Sacrament Program
Sunday we had our 3rd annual Young Women's Sacrament Meeting Program for our ward. 
 Once again, it was power-filled and amazing to be apart of.

Our theme was this year's mutual theme Doctrine and Covenants 115:5:
Verily I say unto you all: aArise and shine forth, that thy blight may be a cstandard for the dnations;
We began preparing for our program last fall by practicing our songs in Sunday opening exercises.  We felt our young women had A MESSAGE to share.  We saw our young women as one of the Lord's favorite tools on His tool belt. 

Elder Russell M. Nelson said it best:
" The influence of the young women of the Church, like a sleeping giant, will awaken, arise, and inspire the inhabitants of the earth as a mighty force for righteousness."

What was their message?

To arise to the mountain of the Lord, the holy temple, and to qualify for and be worthy of a temple recommend.  Now is the time!

For our script we used excerpts from the General Young Women's broadcast among many other quotes and stories from other conference addresses. Several young women bore their testimonies. Mixed in with beautiful song.  It was powerful.

We had all the young women dress in solid colored shirts with no logos or design. They wore any shade of yellow, any shade of orange, any shade of pink, or white if they didn't have anything in the other colors. 

We asked all of them to wear their Medallions or torch necklaces.

The young women were glowing!  They were so beautiful  they were literally shining.

Read or print our program:  {Click Here}

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