Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daughter Journals

The journals I bought for my Daughter Journals
I have been writing in a journal since I was 8 years old

It is fun and embarrassing to go back and look at my crazy handwriting and laugh at the ridiculous things I wrote about. 

I have completely forgotten most of the things I journaled about way back then--and actually even 5 years ago.  

I have gone to my journals many times to look up information or details of something I have forgotten about. It has been really nice to have them.

The other day I actually caught my girls laughing hysterically with one of my journals in their hand.
It was one of those moments you think about happening when you are keeping a  journal, and you kind of hope doesn't happen.

The idea of writing a journal for my children came from Linda Eyre. I loved that idea...especially since I already enjoyed journaling.

I went out and bought 5 small-sized, hard-backed journals and started journaling my daughters lives. {see the above picture}

Basically, you start off writing about the day they were born, or even before that--feelings and thoughts you had while you were expecting them.  When I was pregnant, I had a lot of feelings going on about this child who was joining our family.  

I began this journey when I had 5 children, so I had some catch up. But if you don't want to do catch up, I would at least journal all your memories of their birth, then go from there.

Then, write all those cute things they do or funny things they say or interesting things they have done.  Keep it simple and journal about mundane things of their lives-from your perspective as their mother.  Keep it upbeat and positive.  Several of my journal entries  are just letters I write to them on that particular day-kind of my thoughts and feelings.

How often to write?  It is definitely not a daily or even weekly journal for me. I have had my times of writing very regularly, and times of so much business, they sat on the shelf.  I figure, this is one of those choice things I am doing for my children which will make a mark and difference in their lives, so I try to write in it monthly....something they said or what they are going through right now, or special feelings I feel for them as a mother. 

As I write, it helps me keep their lives in the proper perspective. To know that everything they are and whatever they are going through is unique to who they are and they are truly daughters of God, and He has a purpose for their lives. It reminds me that I am just here to guide them through it all.

One last note: Daughter Journals are off -limits for my girls  until they are married or have grown up and left the house for good.  I plan on giving it to them at that time. They all know I am doing this, and are already wringing their hands, anxious to have them.