Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Making Conference Journals

How are YOU preparing for General Conference?
One way to prepare is to create a Conference Journal.
A conference journal is a journal where you will write down the special messages from the Lord that are just for you.  You will hear these at General Conference. They will come as personal messages, or impressions from the Spirit, or answers to your prayers. Write them down as they come so that you will be able to remember them, and  implement them.
Elder Richard G. Scott mentioned an experience he had in a church meeting he attended, while listening to a lesson, inspiration came to him...
"As each impression came, I carefully wrote it down. In the process, I was given precious truths that I greatly needed in order to be a more effective servant of the Lord. The details of the communication are sacred and, like a patriarchal blessing, were for my individual benefit. I was given specific directions, instructions, and conditioned promises that have beneficially altered the course of my life."
"What I have described is not an isolated experience. It embodies several true principles regarding communication from the Lord to His children here on earth. I believe that you can leave the most precious, personal direction of the Spirit unheard because you do not respond to, record, and apply the first promptings that come to you."

We will not remember everything we hear this weekend at conference. When the May Ensign comes out we will be able to read and remember the talks that we heard.  We will remember however, how  we FELT when we hear a certain talk or a certain counsel. If we write down these impressions and specific counsel for us personally, we are getting out of conference what the Lord wants us to hear and understand for our lives.

You dedicate these words of personal revelation to a special Conference Journal.  My daughters who are 12 and older take a special journal with them whenever they go to Stake Conference, General Conference, or special meetings or broadcasts.  Keeping and writing in a journal during conference gives them a personal purpose to being there. They have an invested interest.  They are going there to learn something and to receive personal revelation for their lives.  The Conference Journal becomes a valuable keepsake for them.

My daughters spent a few hours on Sunday making Conference Journals.  I thought they turned out really cute and wanted to share them with you.  You have probably all made something like these before.  They are so easy to do. Just buy a cheap composition notebook and some scrap paper.

And with some creative juices  you can come up with something perfect for you.

 Here is the back...which is also cute

Have a great Conference experience!