Friday, March 16, 2012

Proclamation Pillows

This idea came from Shannon @

Our focus in Young Women's this year is
The Family Proclamation. 

We are working on memorizing it and trying to implement it all year into our Sunday lessons as well as our weekday activities.

We did this as a Laurel activity and it was a big hit.  The girls all loved this!  It had been on our calendar for a long time and there was much anticipation leading up to it. 

This activity as a Young Womens' activity was a little more on the pricey side, but  "worth it". Due to the high importance of The Proclamation and looking for creative and different ways to teach it, this became a  "Must Do" in my eyes .  We just had to get a little creative with how to fund it...

We asked the girls to bring their own material and pillow.  One pillow only takes about 1/2 yard of fabric, so that is very affordable.  The form pillows were priced around $8-$10 at our Walmart.If I was just making this for myself, I might spend the money for that.  But, that was more than I personally wanted to spend on materials for a young women project, if I didn't have to.  I also have  twin daughters in Laurels, so I was looking at this from a leader perspective as well as a mom  perspective.

 Guess what?  I didn't have to buy the form pillows!  This is what we did:

We bought the cheapest of the cheap bed pillows. I found some for $2.50. We then cut the pillows in half.  That makes each half $1.25!  Very affordable and you can't tell difference once it is in the pillow.

Some girls brought old couch pillows and just used that for their pillow.

After the girls have written their Proclamation 3 edges together with right side together.  Clip the corners as shown in the picture
Make sure after you flip it with the right sides out, that you poke your corners out really good.

Pin the top edge, then hand sew it. 

Proclamation Pillows done!