Friday, February 17, 2012

Marriage and Family: Eternally Significant

Marriage is one of my favorite topics to talk about. If I could have my dream job without all the schooling to get there, I would love to be a family or marriage counselor.  I love to help others in their relationships to be happy and successful.  

 I look around me and have seen several close friends who are struggling in their marriages or whose marriages have failed.  There seems to be this epidemic going around! 

To be honest, it scares me! All of these families are no different than ours and those marriages seem very equal to our marriage.  The realization that if this happened to them, it can happen to us.  It really can happen to anyone.

We must nurture our marriages and our families!   They matter so very much!   

Last week I was so privileged to be apart of a World Wide Training session via satellite, for all auxiliary leaders in our church.  Two hours f-l-e-w by as we were taught by prophets, apostles and other church leaders.

I feel such a great LOVE for these brethren and sisters who are instruments of the Saviors work here on the earth.  The Church is so true!  That is what I felt over and over again while I watched.

I was so happy to go on to and see that they have the World Wide Training available for everyone to listen, read, or download.  Go  {Here} for that link.

Elder Russell M. Nelson
I love Elder Russell M. Nelson.  He spoke about marriage and family.  That seems to be a topic he feels strongly about and speaks of often.  We had a Stake Conference last October via satellite, and he gave a great talk there on marriage.  He is so cute with his wife Wendy. 

You can go {here} to read his talk in its entirety.  I am going to highlight a few key points that he spoke on:

"In the Church, we stress the significance of marriage, children, and the family because we know the doctrine. And we, as leaders of the Church, know that the adversary incessantly aims attacks at the family. In the past 50 years the birth rate has dropped in nearly every nation of the world. Marriages are being postponed until later in life, and families are getting smaller, even in the Church."
"Our task to defend the family is not an easy one. Trends in the world diminish the significance of the family. Sadly, the sacred powers of procreation are desecrated by many people. And the divinely designed nature of marital intimacy is tarnished by the addictive, pernicious, and poisonous plague of pornography."

"In reality, we are raising our children in enemy-occupied territory. The homes of our members must become the primary sanctuaries of our faith, where each can be safe from the sins of the world."

"Our Master depends upon us to live according to His truth. Please teach our members that marriage is ordained of God. It is doctrinally based and eternally significant. " (he said this in very strong tones) 

"Three times in sacred scripture the warning is made that “the whole earth would be utterly wasted” at the Lord’s return if certain conditions were not in place (see D&C 2:3; 138:48; Joseph Smith—History 1:39). In each instance, that warning relates to the condition of the human family without the sealing ordinances of the temple. Without these ordinances of exaltation, the purposes of creation would not be realized. "
"Teach that family relationships start with the love of a husband for his wife, and of a wife for her husband. Marriage brings two very different and imperfect people together. Husbands and wives deal with their imperfections best with patience and a sense of humor. Each should stand ready to say, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me.” And each should be a peacemaker." ( I thought that was a powerful statement.  We should both be peacemakers.  Alot of marital arguments can be nipped in the bud if we both seek to be peacemakers.)

"Each personal imperfection is an opportunity to change—to repent. Repentance, at any age, provides needed progress. It leads to a mighty change of heart, which leads to a love of God and your neighbor, especially that neighbor to whom you are married. Repentance includes forgiveness, and forgiveness is a commandment. The Lord said, “I … will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men” (D&C 64:10). When repentance is complete, you even forgive yourself."

"Differences of opinion occur between husband and wife. But one’s objective in marriage is never to win an argument, but to build an eternal relationship of love.
Marriage is sanctified by family prayer morning and night and daily scripture study. Marriage is stabilized by careful financial planning, avoiding debt, and living within a budget with willing obedience to the Lord’s law of tithing. Marriage is energized by making prime time together. Marriage is protected by an absolute commitment to make it successful." (this is worth reading carefully)

"Remind each married bearer of the priesthood that his highest duty is to care for his wife. She enables him to qualify for his greatest blessings. And when the children leave the nest, a husband and his wife will have each other in what can be a wonderful and exciting phase of life together."

"Teach that parenting is a joint venture. The father exercises his leadership with light and love, never in any degree of unrighteousness. The mother provides the intuition, the inspiration, and the nurture that come from her so naturally." (how beautifully said!)