Hey all!! 

I started this blog in 2008 at an epic time in my life of extreme business and president of the young women's group in my church ward. It became a great outlet for me to share my thoughts and insights on motherhood and the gospel. 

I titled this blog Mothers Who Know after Julie B. Beck's LDS Conference talk Mothers Who Know  It validated everything I believed in as a mother raising a family, and become my blueprint for motherhood. Another life changing and life validating talk my Julie B Beck is called Doctrine of the Family. 

My husband Richard have been married since 1991. We met in 1986 right after high school at the former Ricks College. We both then served Spanish speaking missions and were married  after I returned home. We both came from a family of boys and have been blessed with a family of girls.  Life is good. 

I  hope this place on the internet, is a place of insight and strengthening in our most important roles in our families.