Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Perhaps We Were Born For Such a Time as This Media Library
I am re posting part of my very first blog post about Queen Esther.  She is one my heroines. I imagine her beautiful,  strong, and faithful. I love this painting and find a lot of strength and validation in her story of courage and strength in a time of uncertainty. I have felt that so many times, and like her, I've tried to rise to the challenge before me and show great strength in a time  when everything seemed against me.

Like Esther,  we were each born for greatness. It does not matter  your religion or where you live or come from. We all have greatness inside of us. 

When Esther is about to go  before the king in a plea to save her people, her cousin Mordecai, gave Esther courage in a fearful situation by saying to her, "Perhaps you were born for such a time as this".

We are all " Esther-like".  What is our time? What life experience were we born for?  How can we seize our opportunities for strength and greatness?

 In my opinion, we  have  to turn to God and trust Him, Like Esther did.   He will lead us and guide us and give us strength to face our greatest challenges, and help us face our greatest fears. We will come away, knowing us Esther did, that will deliver His people.

 He will write a story for our lives, better than anything we could ever come close to on our own.  As we do this, our lives will continually surprise us as we realize over and over again that we are capable of being and doing so much more than we ever realized.