Tuesday, March 28, 2017

General Conference Links

All of my previous links to Conference food and journals will be at the bottom of the post. Feel free to use and share those all  you want. That's the trivial part of conference and I would even say the "fun" part, although I love all of conference and feel it is the best kind of "fun" there is!!

  • As you prepare for Conference, begin making a list of questions you would like answered. Then as you listen to conference, you will be amazed how your questions are all answered. 
  • Next, listen for the testimonies of the leaders, any warnings, and how they testify of Christ. 
  • Finally, write down inspiration you receive for yourself throughout the talks.It's good to write down awesome quotes and teachings from the leaders, but YOU will get messages for YOU in those talks. Listen for that, and write them down!  That becomes  your personal scripture for your life. 

Conference Links: