Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Are Mothers

A little venting is in order today.....I know, that is very emotionally immature of me, but I have to get some things out. Don't worry, nothing too personal, just mothers stuff.

I am seriously hurt when I see people I know and love purposely turn their backs on trying their hardest to be good mothers. I guess it is the time and age we live in.

" Men's (and mother's and wife's) hearts will fail them." 
The "really?" or "I cannot believe you did that?" consume my thoughts for a moment.  My heart bleeds for them and their children, and just the whole MOTHERHOOD cause which I believe so strongly in.

Have you heard the quote..."As the family goes, so goes the whole nation and whole world." --Pope John Paul II

How about this one..."As the MOTHER goes, so goes the family" 

Try as we might, we cannot separate ourselves from our divine, sacred role of mothers.  We are mothers.   Always.  Everyday.  No Matter What.  We set the tone for our families and lead our families according to our examples.  The family follows our lead, both the spoken and unspoken.

I will be the first to tell you I am not the best mother.  OK, well maybe by daughters would tell you that. They see my personal imperfections the most.  But regardless of our individual weaknesses, we must not give up the cause of MOTHERHOOD. 

This is NOT the time to  sow our wild un-sown oats from our teenage-hood.  We are not teenagers living in motherly bodies.  It was time to give all that up a lo-o--ong time ago.  We Are Mothers.  And need to act like it. 

We need to stop this mentality that is from the adversary meant and devised only to weaken mothers and eventually destroy the family, that it is OUR turn for everything.  That is such a needy and selfish way of thinking. It upsets the balance of the family.  As we are going out having "our turn", who is doing our role in the home?  Well, the children and husband are. They are at home waiting for their wife and mother to be done doing "their thing".   This "having our turn"  doesn't even strengthen us, like it promises to do.  It just emotionally detaches us from our sacred role as mothers and wives. 

It is not our turn, it is the Savior's turn. Not ours. Everything we do and are, needs to be what He would do and what He is.  We take His place in the home.  We are the healers and the nurtures. Just as everything HE did was about the Father, everything we do needs to be about the Savior.

We need to be the example of leading ourselves and our children to Christ.
Here is a great Mormon Message about Men's (and women's) heart failing them,
and that what we need is


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    1. Thank-you. I always enjoy your comments.

  2. I love reading your blog. Your posts are always right on. Just today I had to stand my ground on the values and standards of our home- I felt alone. I felt my efforts in teaching my children truth were not making an influence at all. But I will continue to try and try and try. I will never give up on my role as mother. I know I will be accountable before God some day and I want to be able to stand there with my head held high knowing that I TRIED my best. Motherhood is so important. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    1. Thank-you so much. That made my day. I was thinking as I was reading your comment how hard it is to stand up for what we know is right. It is hard (even to write blog posts) to step out of the comfort zone and make a stand, but we still need to do it as prompted by the Spirit. He will sustain us and give us the courage we need.

      My newlyreturned missionary daughter came home from her mission quoting her mission president, and I love what he said, "there is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone." We have to step out of our comfort zone if we want to grow.

      Thanks for your comment!