Thursday, August 22, 2013

Improving Personal Scripture Study

By using Footnotes

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If your personal scripture study has begun to feel mundane or repetitive and very predictable, I would suggest to spice things up a bit by digging a little deeper.

One of the greatest ways to improve the quality and spiritual experience of your personal scripture study is to take things a little slower, more detailed by searching the footnotes to the verses you read.

You may only get to one verse a day or even half a chapter instead of much more, but your experience will be greatly enriched.

Let's start with 3 Nephi 11: 1 as an example: image library

3 Nephi 11:1 And now it came to pass that there were a great multitude agathered together, of the people of Nephi, round about the temple which was in the land bBountiful; and they were marveling and wondering one with another, and were showing one to another the cgreat and marvelous change which had taken place.

(a.) gathered   Helaman 3:9, 14
 9  And the people who were in the land northward did dwell in tents, and in houses of cement, and they did suffer whatsoever tree should spring up upon the face of the land that it should grow up, that in time they might have timber to build their houses, yea, their cities, and their temples, and their synagogues, and their sanctuaries, and all manner of their buildings.

14  But behold, a
hundredth part of the proceedings of this people, yea, the account of the Lamanites and of the Nephites, and their wars, and contentions, and dissensions, and their preaching, and their prophecies, and their shipping and their building of ships, and their building of temples, and of synagogues and their sanctuaries, and their righteousness, and their wickedness, and their murders, and their robbings, and their plundering, and all manner of abominations and whoredoms, cannot be contained in this work. 

(b) Bountiful   Alma 22:29, 3 Nephi 3:23
29  And also there were many Lamanites on the east by the seashore, whither the Nephites had driven them. And thus the Nephites were nearly surrounded by the Lamanites; nevertheless the Nephites had taken possession of all the northern parts of the land bordering on the wilderness, at the head of the river Sidon, from the east to the west, round about on the wilderness side; on the north, even until they came to the land which they called Bountiful
23  And the land which was appointed was the land of Zarahemla, and the land which was between the land Zarahemla and the land Bountiful, yea, to the line which was between the land Bountiful and the land Desolation. 

 (c) great  3 Nephi 8:11-14

11  And there was a great and terrible destruction in the land southward.
12  But behold, there was a more great and terrible destruction in the land northward; for behold, the whole face of the land was changed, because of the tempest and the whirlwinds, and the thunderings and the lightnings, and the exceedingly great quaking of the whole earth;
13  And the highways were broken up, and the level roads were spoiled, and many smooth places became rough.
14  And many great and notable cities were sunk, and many were burned, and many were shaken till the buildings thereof had fallen to the earth, and the inhabitants thereof were slain, and the places were left desolate.

I love reading my scriptures using the footnotes. It brings a bigger picture and rich insights to my scripture study.
Another great verse to practice this on or to start with is Genesis 1:1

 In the abeginning bGod ccreated the dheaven and the eearth.

Happy scripture studying!!