Friday, August 16, 2013

Church History Tour: Temples and Temple-like places

I love temple-like places!  They are holy and sacred places where you feel the Spirit of what once happened there.  I absolutely love being in those kinds of places!!  If I could give our Church History workshop/tour a THEME, I was say TEMPLES.  Our theme throughout the whole week was temples....building temples,  being temple going and covenant keeping people, and being in temple-like places.

What were the temple-like places?
What makes a place feel temple-like?
There are many temple-like places. If you look at your life and some of the experiences you have gone through, you can start to pick out temple-like places.. special and unique to you and your family.
In speaking of the early Saints as well as Joseph Smith and the other leaders....I stood in many of their temple-like places....places where something strengthening, sacrificing, and refining occurred.  Some were places where prophecy is attached to them and the holiness of these spots is already evident. These places all have a special special feel to them...a very powerful spirit.  In essence, when you are in these places, they feel holy, and temple-like in the spirit you feel when you are there.
Some of these temple-like places that we visited on this tour were:
the Independence Temple lot
This is the place of a future Temple, and the place of the Garden of Eden.

The place "where Adam dwelt" after they were expelled from the Garden of Eden.
It is the place a future gathering of Adam, all those who held priesthood keys, where the righteous will gather
and where the Savior will return to His people before the Second Coming.

There is not much there except beautiful green land.  There are missionaries assigned there as gardeners.
Beautiful peaceful place. 

Liberty Jail
This is where Joseph Smith and others lived for 6 months and where Joseph suffered the greatest. Sections 121-123 were written from this place.

Far-West Temple lot
The corner stones are still there, but a temple was never built.

 Parley's  Street in Nauvoo
Super sacred feeling street where the Nauvoo Pioneers lined up their wagons as they left Nauvoo, forced by the mobs.  The morning we were here, it was an over-cast, very somber morning.  You could really picture and imagine the mood that must have existed as the pioneers left their city.


Winter Quarters
Beautiful temple sitting on the edge of the Winter Quarter cemetery. One of the sacred holy places of our Church history.
As I walked in to the cemetery a flood of emotion over-came me. You can feel of their sweet sacrificing spirits there.
Hard to hold the tears back!

The majestic Nauvoo Temple!