Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Strengthen our Family with Lehi's Dream media images

For those who know me, know that when it comes to driving, I can be very bad at directions. I am easily turned around.  It is a curse I got from my mother. We both have it and it is super inconvenient!  We have to really focus, pay attention to key landmarks, and plan extra "getting lost" time sometimes if we are going somewhere unfamiliar.

Oh! I could tell you some fun stories from my teenager years with my mom and me driving, getting lost, running out of gas, and the whole nine yards....  Another day!

My point is, I have been lost and know what it feels like to not KNOW where I am going or WHERE
the path is.

Lehi's Dream teaches us how important the path is to stay on, and how vital the rod of iron is to hold fast onto so we don't ever get lost.

We know well the story and know the path refers to is the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we were baptized we commenced on "the path".

We also grew up singing, "the iron rod is the...word of God"  Elder Neil Anderson gave a great talk that I referred to in my last post where he taught that the WORD OF GOD is more than just the scriptures. But it is actually three intertwining parts: personal revelation, the scriptures (words of ancient prophets), words of living prophets today. All three of these things make up what we know as THE WORD of GOD. Don't you love how personal revelation is a part of that.  That's true isn't it!  That is the word of God directly and personally for us and we are all entitled to that.

How do we implement these three into our home and teaching our children and us, to rely on the word of God, in all of it's forms, to stay on the path.

Rely on Personal Revelation:

This is big.  We can all, and do all, receive personal revelation. Our children need to know and understand this. Personal Revelation is basically scripture for our lives.  This is important for us to hold fast to as the scriptures themselves. It is our personal Liahona for our lives. The Lord will personally lead each one of us. I love that!

Have family scripture study

  • You as the mom, need to be committed to this.  I know it is the Dad's responsibility, but they may need some support and gentle nudging in this department.  Wake up your family or do it before bed time, but gather your children around and open up the Book of Mormon and read from it.  Teach them principles and talk about how what you are reading applies to them or the times we live in. You will feel the Spirit permeate your home.  Kneel down together and pray.  This will bind your family together and strengthen all of you.

Listen to and Follow the Prophets today

It is exciting to know that we live in a time with true and living prophets.  Holding fast to their words will strengthen us for when the (notice I said when) storms come into our lives, we will be grounded with a firm and strong foundation with our eyes always on the prophet. 

This is not new information. It is the basic of the basic. But if we have let go a little from the rod of iron or even stepped off the path, this is how we get back.  We start with daily scripture study, prayer, and reading or listening to the words of our prophets. media images