Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Blessings

Wrote a super long post yesterday about writing missionaries and waiting for missionaries. Something I have experienced! Hope you get a chance to read it. Sorry it is so long, but I didn't know how to condense it or leave something out. I love how the subject of missionaries has completely transformed my world lately!

My family is growing up and changing!  Today two of my daughters headed to girls camp!  I remember the days when we had 4 and even 5 daughters there at one time!  With our four oldest graduated, our family is shrinking rapidly!! 

This will also be my first time in the past three years I am not going to girls camp.  I haven't had to plan anything, no rushing around, just staying home!  I loved it then, but I am excited to have the week off!  I will be heading up Thursday with my Bishop husband to take part in the Bishopric meal and the testimony meeting.  I love all the traditions we have in the church that help our young women (and young men, and US) grow so much and be touched by the Spirit!

Planning to get some weeding done outside and the storage room cleaned out.  Ugh! But I will be a happy woman to have it done! With my kids help of coarse!

Ashley, by sweet little 9 year old is still recovering from her tonsillectomy she had last Monday. It has been a rough week for her trying to get her to eat and drink!!  Not a fun surgery, but we are looking forward to not having such a sick girl all school year.  Hoping for the best!

I am kind of struggling with something fairly new to me. Maybe some of you more experienced mothers  could help me out.  This is kind of crazy.  I am having a hard time with my daughters who are of single-dating age (graduated) with their romances.  We have a super close relationship and they want to tell me and share everything  with me.  I am grateful for that, but  I find myself naturally wanting certain results and caring about their guy friends a lot. When break-ups or slight adjustments in their relationships happen...it also breaks my heart a little.  How do we as the moms be there for our daughters as they need us and come to us for advice...but not get our hearts wrapped up in it as well.  This is really hard for me, and I know I have to take more of a back-seat to this...offering advice when asked, and being their friends, but not getting so attached.  Really hard, because I love their friends so much. They are such good people.

Lots of tender mercies from the Lord this week. So grateful for the knowledge that He is there. Couple of my older daughters struggling with what the Lord's plan is for their lives. The young adult age is a hard time to live through!  So grateful for the power of priesthood blessings. My husband was able to give our almost missionary daughter a needed blessing, and then our twins also felt they should have one as well.  POWERFUL powerful.  Love the power of faith and priesthood in the home blessing our family.

Have a good day!