Monday, June 3, 2013

I am Glad I am What I am

Kirtland Temple, taken on my Church History Tour last summer.
Joseph Smith taught that the Glory of God is intelligence.

"The Glory of God is intelligence" and I for one have a great desire to learn and gain knowledge!  I love learning new things and expanding my horizons of what I know!


I don't want to ever be to a point that my knowledge and intelligence exceeds or even replaces my faith.  I am reminded of this seminary scripture mastery scripture:

2 Nephi 2:29" But to be learned is good if they hearken unto the counsels of God."
I see far too many who are so intelligent they question, doubt, and discard certain principles of the gospel because intellectually, it may not make sense to them?  They withdraw spiritually as they evaluate and become a little cynical in the process.

The end result of this is not always a positive one for them or for their families. 

You can't discard faith in order to support your own intellectual theories because in doing  so, you discard the Spirit whose role is to testify of truth. 

While having intelligence is good, we have to remember the importance of faith and that a testimony is not built upon scientific proof of sheer intellectualizing the principles and doctrines of the gospel.

The Spirit works and is governed by something more powerful than earthly theories.

So there are days...I wish I had this amazing depth of intelligence that others around me have...who can still 25-30  years later still still spout off mathematical equations and scientific formulas I remember learning in high school and college,  but I am grateful I am what I am, and I am enough because if it allows me to have faith.