Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our Role is to Build Strong Families

BLEH!! Can this whole same-sex marriage debate just go away??!! Really!!  That is how I  feel!!  You are seeing  my extremely super white personality coming out: I like" peace at all costs, happy feelings,  no one fighting, I like to resist confrontations,  and recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle."....So this is really not my thing! 
(see color code test )

I do  realize however, that for evil to triumph, good men (and women) just have to do nothing.  So in spite of my white-ness, I do have a deep conviction about this subject and I must throw in my two bits. And that is that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

This is a debate that carries with it deep emotional feelings on both sides.  I care about everyone. It goes with my white personality, and because I am a daughter of God.  However,  my sympathies do not cause me to join their parade. I can love the person, without embracing what they do.

Same-sex attraction is basically new to us now, but this is not a new issue going on in the world. This has been going on since ancient times, although it has never been so widely accepted and "trendy"  which scares me a lot. I am not even going to try to get all intellectual on you about it and try an explain WHY it would be so bad for same-sex marriages to be legalized. From the legal stand point, it would not be good. From a moral stand point...among many things, homosexuality takes away who a woman is and makes her something she is not.

It is our divine role as women to BUILD and STRENGTHEN  strong families.  That is our role.
That is who we are.

Sheri Dew in her book "If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard" she says it so perfectly:
"Women have unusual powers to strengthen and build families.  But they also have unusual powers to destroy them.

It is simply not possible to measure or limit the influence a righteous woman has on her husband and her children and extended family members, as well as on others who feel like family."
Women who choose to go against their divine nature have chosen to do so by completely forsaking their nature.  They have to go almost complete opposite to who they really are to take upon them that other role. 

In my opinion, a woman who does this is worse than a man that does. I don't know why, but it just has a worse feel to it.  For example if you see a man with several to many tattoos, it is not pleasant.  IF you see a woman with the same, it makes me cringe. If you see a man with multiple piercings, it is not pretty, but if you see a woman with multiple piercings, it is so sad to see.  If you see a man with a horrible gage in their ear, I can hardly stand to see it. If I see a woman with gages in her ears, something inside of me cries for them.  WHY? is what I ask myself in those circumstances.  There is something worse to a woman giving up her divine nature.

Sheri goes on to say:
"In order for Satan to obtain a secure grasp on a woman, he must first completely neutralize her nature, including her divine gifts.   
Women who have surrendered their divine nature to Satan are both frightening and pathetic, for their situation represents a dire reversal of the gifts our Father gave his daughters premortally.  He endowed women with the nature to nurture and the inclination to bless and heal, encourage and inspire."


I am grateful for the strong role model I have in my mother! She has taught me by example and word.  I have a great responsibility to teach these principle to my daughters.  The examples and choices we make as women, will directly effect generations. 

No pressure, but we have to get it right! 

Our most important role is in the home...Teaching  and strengthening our families.  I believe a family should be a man and woman, a father and a mother who are married to each other and honor their marital vows with complete fidelity.