Saturday, March 2, 2013

Live "As If"

Today we had an annual Women's Conference and it was GREAT!!  I would say one of the best I have been to.  One of our speakers was Laurel Christensen who helps organize Time Out For Women.

She taught us so much today and I was totally fed.  And it wasn't fluff...{I can't stand fluff.}   it was meat. 
A daughter at five, waiting for Grandma to come

One of the principles she taught was that we are all" women in waiting."  Or as I like to refer to it, waiting on the Lord.  This is so true and such a powerful principle. I love to know that others are also waiting on the Lord for something, like I am, although we are all waiting for different things.

Do you want to hear what I am waiting for? I promise to not get too personal here.  If I share mine, it might help you think of what you are waiting for.

I am waiting on the Lord for my twin daughters.  They don't know if they should go on missions, and I don't either. But He does. He knows. And I am waiting on Him to help them know if they should. If it is right for them.

I am also waiting on the Lord for another daughter who wants very much to go on to the next phase of her life: temple and marriage.  He knows the plan for her life, and I don't.  So I wait on the Lord with her.

One more: I am waiting on the Lord for my oldest who is serving a mission. The whole mission is about waiting on the Lord as she serves Him.  I hope and pray she is becoming who she should and that she is giving it her all.

 I don't have any control in any of this- at all. I put my faith in the Lord knowing that although I can't see the end from the beginning  or even around the corner: HE CAN.  And I wait in faith on Him.

Laurel Christensen shared a great scripture insight in 1 Nephi 5:5

"But behold I have obtained a land of promise, in the which things I do rejoice."
A simple scripture that maybe we have read many times without much deep thought to it.  When Lehi said this to his wife Sariah, they had just barely left Jerusalem. They hadn't even gotten to their promised land yet. But Lehi spoke in a past tense, "as if" they had already obtained it.

 WHY? Because the Lord promised him he would obtain a promised land, and he knew that THE LORD KEEPS HIS PROMISES. So he spoke of a promised land "as if" he had already been given it.

Don't you love this concept of waiting on the Lord  with the mindset of faith "as if" you have already recieved promised blessings.

I love it because I too know that the Lord keeps His promises. 

All of them.

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