Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feeling Joy

" [and women] are that they might have joy."

Lately I have been feeling so much joy.
I keep visualizing myself at the tree in Lehi's dream,
scooping up the fruit with both hands taking it all in.
The tree we are taught represents, the love of God, or in other words, the Savior.
The fruit which is the most joyous to the soul, represents the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  The fruit tastes so sweet and is so desirable, that it is something that once we have tasted it for ourselves, we want others to taste it too.
The Savior is so giving, so kind, so merciful, so redeeming, and so extremely loving.  Feeling and recognizing the Lord's blessings and Hand in our lives, fills us with joy unspeakable.

One of our greatest purposes is to feel and have joy through the Atonement of Jesus Christ as we live the gospel in our lives.