Monday, November 12, 2012

Thoughts on Being Released as Young Women President

A huge day in my life yesterday...I was released from my wonderful calling  as our ward Young Women President. I served for a little over 3 years and worked with the most amazing women in the world.  It was such a privilege!

In that time frame, I have had 6 of my eight daughters in there with me. What a joy!!  I know some mothers and daughters may not  enjoy being in young women's together and may need space from one another,but we have loved it as a family.

It has given us more time together and more opportunities for me to be involved in their teenage lives --and to teach them the gospel.

I can't really explain the feelings I have of being released.  It is sad for one.  But happy on another.  If I had to compare it to anything, it feels like being released as a missionary. One one side I have this complete satisfaction and peace that I did what  I was called to do and gave it all I had.  Then on the other side it feels like something has been physically ripped away from me There is this feeling of leaving people behind who have been a huge part of my life, who I have loved, and taught the gospel to. It is a very hard calling to leave. Thankfully, my calling never ends in my home, with my daughters.

Serving in Young Women's has been one of the greatest experiences of my life-right up there with being a missionary. That is the comparison I keep coming back to.  These young women were so much fun to teach the gospel to. It was so rewarding and fulfilling to be there helping them to understand and apply the gospel into their teenage lives, and learn from their struggles.  There are no words to express how great this was.

Many of the highlights I have blogged about!  see: {Young Women}

I already have a new calling in our ward teaching Sunday School to the 13 and 14 year old class.  I am so excited to teach the new curriculum that will be starting in January, plus I still get to teach lots of the young women!

On to the next thing!!