Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Family Proclamation Young Women in Excellence


The Family Proclamation is a great yearly theme for Young Women. 
 Besides about 3 Personal Progress experiences that specifically mention reading or studying the Family Proclamation, almost every Personal Progress experience can be connected to the Proclamation.  Check for yourself!
The principles in the Proclamation are principles we need to be living as families,
 but are also principles our young women need to know and understand now.  As they come to internalize these principles they will know where they are going and which path they need to take to get there.
This is one of those important purposes we have as young women leaders,
 to guide the young women to the Savior and realize their divine nature.  The Family Proclamation is very much apart of that process.
We have had a year of studying and focusing on the Proclamation. 
 It has been a year I have felt such a divine purpose in what we were doing.  The Proclamation carries with it such a strong spirit of who we are and where we need to be.  I love it!
And I have had so much joy in guiding the young women towards the principles
of their feminitity as daughters of God  who have a divine nature and purpose, of what a marriage is founded upon,virtue before, after, and during marriage,  what a  happy successful family looks like, and of their future divine role as mothers and nurtures in their homes.
Our theme for  Young Women in Excellence was
The Family: A Proclamation to the World

For the program, since it is a family theme, we asked 8 parents of our young women to share a  how they apply the Proclamation in their family. [ We gave them certain paragraphs or principles to cover]  To not make the evening too long, we asked them to keep their comments to 3 minutes.

We also had 10 young women to come up and quote a paragraph before the couples spoke about them. 

So imagine this, young women quoting the Family Proclamation, then parents sharing how they live those principles in their family.  P-O-W-E-R-ful!!  It was this wonderful Family Proclamation Celebration! 

To prepare for this event, all the young women made a
The idea comes from Shannon at
I loved this project for the young women.  One, they became familiar and introduced to their ancestors names, and 2 it was the first step of learning about them.  Hopefully that spirit of Elijah sparked inside of them!

  This worked towards a Personal Progress experience Individual Worth 6:. 
'When you participate in family history, you come to understand your identity and individual worth. Visit with your living relatives to learn as much information about your family history as possible. Then complete a pedigree chart of your family and list the temple ordinances that have been completed for each person. "

We also asked the young women to bring something they have passed off this year and connect it to a principle in The Family Proclamation. These are some of the ones my daughters did.

My daughters' Proclamation Pillows made on a mutual night

The Proclamation Pillows was a Laurel Activity . The idea came from Shannon again, at [she is awesome!]Search for her project: Throw Pillow With a Message

A FHE Lesson
 Proclamation Place mats made by my 12 year old

The place mat idea comes  Kristin @ Family Proclamation Place mats
Go check out her instructions and Family Home Evening lesson that goes with this. 

We did tweak them a little when I found these place mats at Walmart. It was too perfect to pass up. We just outlined a plate and cup. Then we bought letter stickers for the words. The pictures we found on google images and we added Velcro dots to keep them in place.  

This was by far one of the best events I have ever  been apart of in Young Women. 
I love this calling!!