Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preparing Future Sister Missionaries

"Who Knoweth Whether Thou Art Called to the Kingdom at Such a Time as This"

With the major announcement that young women can now serve a mission beginning at age 19,
what are your daughters feeling about serving a mission?


 We have one daughter currently serving, and 3 more possibly joining her within the year.

Our three possible future sister missionaries, are deeply considering it, but haven't made a final decision. They feel the energy in the air, they have a desire to serve, but are still deciding if it is what they are supposed to do.  I think righteous LDS young women across the world are all contemplating the same decision.

How can we prepare our daughters to be missionaries?
[I'll give you a hint:  It is nothing magical or new or different. It is very simple]
The best way our daughters can prepare is through a habit of:

  • Personal Prayer and
  • Personal Scripture Study
  • Living what they know
How can we as the parents help them ?
 Once again the answers are rather simple
  • Family prayer
  • Family scripture
  • Family Home Evening
  • Teaching and exemplifying the gospel standards

What is a mission like?

See my daughter's letter: [To Future Sister Missionaries]

  • It is hard!  Physically, mentally, and emotionally.  You won't understand this fully until you are out on your mission.
  • None of your time is yours, it all belongs to the Lord.
  • The greatest 18 months of your life.
  • The best preparation for life and marriage [I added this one in]

How do I know if I should serve a mission? What should I specifically do to prepare?

  • Go and do as Enos did and pour out your whole soul unto him with all sincerity of heart truly desiring to know.
  • Make Preach my Gospel part of your daily study
  • Be familiar with where scripture stories are
  • Memorize scriptures: scripture masteries, and scriptures that mean something to you personally

Whether our daughters serve full-time missions or not, [the bar has been raised]
they need to prepare as IF THEY WERE GOING.

"For who knows if they are called to serve
At Such a Time as This!"