Friday, October 5, 2012

Knowing That We Know

Excitement is in the air!
Conference is coming!
Inspiration, personal revelation, spiritual experiences, strengthening of testimony, guidance, direction are all awaiting us.

With the many conference addresses that have filled our minds and hearts over the years, the newest conference addresses replace favorites of the past.  I have some gems that I hold on to pretty tight, that I keep near both physically and spiritually.

 November 2007 Ensign Conference Issue is one of those.  It was a great great conference FULL of must-read talks: O Remember, Remember-President Eyring's plea to write down "How I have seen the Lord's hand in my life today?, Julie Beck's Mothers Who Know- our quest to be strong covenant mothers, Elder Bednar- Clean Hands and a Pure Heart, Elder Oaks-Good, Better, Best- one of the greatest talks ever--to name only a few!

Elder Douglas Callister's talk Knowing That We Know  from that conference, one of the less talked about ones, is one of my favorites. Do you remember it? In this talk, he teaches the power of each of us being a witness to the truthfulness of the gospel...gaining our own testimony, knowing we have a testimony, and knowing that we know that we know we have a testimony.  I seriously love this concept!
Knowing that I know, is a continual process.  When someone asks me, " when did you gain your testimony?..."  I have moments when that I remember receiving a witness to specific gospel truths, but over all... I am still gaining it. And I love the process!  It is about being fed by the Spirit and having wonderful gospel or scripture "a-ha" moments when I know that I know...that I know.
This blog is full of those moments that I have shared with you, because it is so hard to keep it to myself!

This talk is amazing.  I love it!  Here are some great insights:
  • "Truth is not dependent on the number that embrace it.  When Joseph Smith left the Sacred Grove in 1820, there was only one person on the earth who knew the truth."
  • "If you want to know that you know that you know, a price must be paid. And you alone must pay the price."
  • "There are proxies for ordinances, but there are no proxies for gaining a testimony. "We each must gain our own.
  •  “I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself. And now I do know of myself that they are true; for the Lord God hath made them manifest unto me” (Alma 5:46).
  • " a testimony cannot abide except it be expressed."
  • "We should be on our knees every morning and night pleading with the Lord that we never lose our faith, our testimony, or our virtue."
  • "There only has to be one witness, but it must be yourself."
Do you know that you know? 
I hope you have a wonderful conference weekend!