Friday, October 5, 2012

Five Things for Friday

I am joining  Heather from Women in the Scriptures and writing about our crazy week.  They are all crazy so this is just our  "normal."

1.  Monday is our Missionary Day.  Until you have experienced the feeling of being a missionary mom, it is hard to describe. Amber's letters come in about 7:30am.  She has 2 hours to e-mail and we have fun writing back and forth to each other. I hope that is legal! For those who are wondering, she is doing great.  We are super proud of her and she got some great feedback from her Mission President who is very pleased with her efforts and told her she is already a leader in the mission.  That made her day!

2. Our two youngest were really wanting Halloween decorations up.  For those who know me, this is low on my priority scale except that is seems to make my children really happy, so I try to oblige.  My Halloween decor is the dollar store kind, the school craft kind, and the cute happy kind. I let the girls do all the decorating themselves. Can you tell??

3. Young Womens this week...we are getting ready for our Family Proclamation Young Womens in Excellence which is will be in November.  I decided to have the Young Women do Shannon's family trees  from . Each family tree is unique like each girl. They are turning out cute and can't wait to display them at Young Womens in Excellence. I am really super excited about that whole night. I will share more about that in the future.

4. I had a couple of needed prayers answered that had me on my knees thanking the Lord for His kindness and blessings towards me.  It just touched me so much and once again, taught me how the Lord is so close to us.  He is in our very thoughts.  I had a journal that I will call...beloved.  It was my journal that I had with me on the CES Northeastern Church History tour I took with my husband this summer. The trip was life changing in so many ways. Each day from 6:00am -9:30 pm we were on sites sacred and holy. I took detailed notes because I knew I wouldn't remember Tuesday what I learned Monday as each day was so packed.  Anyway...I lost the journal!  I haven't had it with me for 6 weeks or so.  I have been praying and praying to find it, but nothing happened until this week. I was so happy, I cried!  So so happy to have my journal back!

5. Preparing for General Conference.  Totally love this weekend.  Can't wait to hear from our Church leaders.  See my post on General Conference from earlier today and others.