Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do They Give Sibling Discounts? Part 2

  Since President Monson announced the historic changes to the age of missionaries serving, my mind has been reeling with a hundred thoughts and emotions.
Just 3 short months ago we dropped our oldest daughter off at the MTC.
 Although my husband and I have both been missionaries ourselves...this was an emotional moment to let go of our daughter and put her in the hand of the Lord.  We believe in missionaries, and the missionary program. We know it was the right thing, and that the Lord was counting on her. Yet, it was still hard and took a lot of faith and courage for everybody.
With 8 daughters in our family, they all look up to their oldest sister, and many of them hope to serve a mission someday as well.
As I mentioned in the previous post, and for those who know my family...that is 4 daughters possibly on a mission in a year from now.
Kelsey who is at college and already 20 is technically a year behind!  She is anxious to get on a mission and follow her older sister.
Our twins are seniors this year and already 18.  This puts them in the mission field at the end of next summer.
This is so awesome and scary all at once! 
 I am praying for my mother heart not to break from letting go of four daughters at once.
I am also calculating the monthly expense with having four out at one time. 
That is more than our monthly mortgage payment.
If they choose to serve...I know the Lord will take care of us emotionally and financially.   I know that Lord does His greatest work in impossible situations.  I know how blessed we would be.  It would be an amazing 3 years of our lives.
 When President Monson announced the missionary age changes, my husband and both became very emotional. The implications this would have on our immediate family as well as  friends and loved ones, was AMAZING.  What a great great moment.
We had no doubt we were witnessing prophets, seers, and revelators speaking and working in behalf of the Savior. 
Our 3 oldest daughters at home, were sending us texts like crazy, as they were all three out of town, but listening to conference where they were.
The messages they sent to us were full of excitement, energy, and conviction.
 They all read similar to this:
I am going on a mission!!!!!!!!
For our twins, this means they will leave a few short months after their friends from high school will leave. Instead of waiting home, wondering what to do, what college to go to, if they should go on a mission,and being without their guy friends....they are all going at once. 
  It accelerates all the plans! 
This puts the expectations on us as parents, to now, more than ever, to make our homes a mini-Missionary Training Center, if we haven't already.  This means to keep doing what our prophets have already told us to do for many many years.
Family prayers, family scriptures, Family Home Evening, family meal-time together,
and opportunities for spiritual experiences, personal conversion, and strengthening the family