Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home-School Moms and Public-School Moms: We Are All Mothers

Today has been a very surreal kind of day!  The kids all went back to school.  I am happy about that and sad.  Before you get all excited, let me explain!

A couple of days ago I wrote a short, "tongue-in-cheek" kind of post about the kids going back to school and me, being oh, so ready for the business of summer to end.  I love change and I love a good schedule.

Completely unexpected, I received a comment from a home-school mom who was less than thrilled with my perspective.  She let me have it, and boy did she!  

I don't want to be misunderstood let me explain.

I feel there is some kind of "Us against Them" theme going on out there in the home-school vs. public-school mom world. Let me just say:  It doesn't have to be that way AT ALL.  This is not a competition.  We are all mothers, aspiring Mothers Who Know, I might add.  We are on the same team!

Whether you have chosen to home-school, use the public schools, go to a private school, or any other type of school...that is YOUR choice. I trust you.  I think we as mothers, only want to do what is best for the children that God has given us.  Each child has  a different plan.  You are their mother, and you will do what is best for your family situation.  If you follow what you feel is right, it will be the right choice.

I personally have chosen NOT to home-school.  That is not to say, that, that choice won't change in the future.  It could!  But, as for right now, we are a public school family.

With that being said, lets clear up some stereo-types about public school moms:

  • We love our children and love being around them.  We have not chosen public schools because we want "to get rid of" our children or don't enjoy their company.
  • Summer is not "an excuse" for us to be done with all  order and structure in our lives.  Our children still have to do work, and still have plenty of responsibilities.  We actually have two kinds of schedules: the summer schedule, and the school-year schedule. Motherhood still happens.
  • When the school year comes around, we are excited for the change in routine.  Our children are excited to see their friends, meet their new teachers, and start a new school year with all the excitement and hope of it being their best year yet. 
  • If we cry at seeing our children leave for school that first day, those are mixed tears.  They are tears of happiness and sadness at seeing our children growing up so fast.
  • Our children love going to public school with all that is has to offer.
  • We do not feel we are better or worse at mothering than home-schooling moms. There are as many different kinds of mothers out there as kinds of jelly-beans in a jar.
  • We are also Mothers Who Know, choosing what is best for our family. 
  Let's work together to get  rid of stereo-types on either side and just wrap our arms around one another to support each other in the hardest yet most rewarding calling we have. 

We are all mothers!