Sunday, July 1, 2012

Writing to a Missionary

Things to ask about

·           The work
·         Their schedule
·         The culture
·         Their  experiences
·         Who are they teaching?
·         When they tell you about an investigator, follow up and ask about them

Things to share

·         Insights you’ve gained in the scriptures, seminary or Church lessons
·         Testimony building experiences you’ve had
·         News about mutual friends who are also serving missions
Things to avoid

·         Asking how many baptisms they have had
·         Don’t complain or criticize  if  they have not written back to you
·         Mentioning problems that arise at home.  There are some problems they should know about, but many that would only distract or worry them unnecessarily
Good things in small packages

·         Missionaries love receiving thoughtful packages but make sure to honor the guidelines of their mission
·         Remember to keep your  gifts simple.  Include an extra item for their companion
·         Check before sending off a box to a missionary abroad-due to custom fees
Messages from Family and Friends

·         Tell them the important things that are happening in your life with school, family, and the gospel.
·         Encouraging, friendly, non-romantic letters
·         You can help them focus on the work of the Lord with uplifting letters and reassurance that they are where they need to be.

·         Avoid gossip stories or what party you went to last week
·         Do not write “I love you”  “I miss you”  “I can’t wait to see you again"..this is very distracting.
·         Avoid romantic allusions

 My daughter enters the MTC this week!  I found this in my files and thought I'd share it with anyone who would find it useful.  I do not know where I got this, so if it was you-thank-you!  I have used this many times in Young Womens when we have done missionary writing activities.  
Writing to missionaries is so important to help build them up and encourage them along. I have written to a missionary, and have been a missionary.  I know being a missionary Mom will be an even different perspective. 
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Young Women's Activity: Missionary Service Activity