Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Teaching With Power and Impact

More Effective

·          Be bold and courageous, expecting class to step up to spiritual things

·          Talking of Christ, the Atonement, forgiveness, etc.  often

·          Talking of the restoration, Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith

·          Talking about faith in Jesus Christ

·          Teacher and student sharing testimony and personal experiences

·          Keeping the inner vessel clean

·          Inviting class to be ready to feel the Spirit and act according to the Spirit

·          Being free from “light speeches and light mindedness”

·          Humility, submissive, and meekness

·          Having pure motives

·          Developing a relationship with each person

·          Praying for God’s help to change lives…mentioning class members’ by name

·          Proper lesson prep.  And personal study

Less Effective

·          Trying to force the Spirit

·          Creating emotion instead of the spirit

·          Choosing and teaching principles that are not life changing

·          Being satisfied with mediocrity

·          Using inappropriate humor

·          Being sarcastic toward class, church leaders or programs

·          Complaining about life, students, others, government, etc.

Source: Alan Maynes and Clyde Davis, CES Area Directors for Utah East Area Seminaries and Institutes-personal observations in what seems to be effective and what seems to be less effective in teaching seminary and institute classes.

-A handout from an annual CES husband and wife retreat and training