Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moms & Proms

Aubrey (red) and Lindsey ( green)
Last night was our Jr. Prom and my twins both went with their best friends.  It was a super fun night that they had all been looking forward to for a long time.  These boys asked 2 months ago.

These kids and their whole group of friends are the valiant of the valiant. They stand for truth and righteousness everyday.  These young men honor their priesthood covenants and the young women who have earned their young women medallions understand what the Young Women Theme means and is shows by the way they live.  If they don't wear their medallions to school, these young men will ask them 'where is your medallion?'  'why aren't you wearing it?'  They all help one another to be youth who literally stand as witnesses. 

These young men want their friends and their dates to be modest.  Wearing modest dresses for the prom helps everyone to have a better experience and not get confused.

Prom can sometimes confuse people. 

You see young women who are wearing a less than modest dress and it confuses you. Although they look Hollywood glamorous,  you think..."but I thought you knew..."  This can be a time of  confusion for young women and their moms.  They aren't sure how to dress and what is appropriate or not.  Many believe it is completely fine to take a night off of being completely modest...because it is PROM or it is" just ONE night."

Moms, I am going to get blunt on this topic.  This is up to YOU.  You are the mom.  For the majority, you are the one buying the very expensive dress.  Don't get all caught up in the desire to have your daughter "fit in, be popular, look a certain way' that you let yourself get talked into a less than modest dress.

 Stand up.

If this involves a temper tantrum, let them do it, just don't give in.

Let your daughters know that we don't take nights off with our standards.  This is confusing to your daughters.  They might think...but my mom is OK if I am not modest certain times.  When they are faced with a choice later on...they might be more willing to compromise their standards because they aren't sure how important it is to follow their standards  ALL the time.

Set your expectations high, and let them rise up to them.