Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is Easter?

Monday for our FHE activity Jamee wanted to decorate the house for Easter.  If you know me, you probably still wouldn't know about the Easter-bunny scrooge side of my personality.   I have very few Easter-bunny-type decorations. I can pass on all of it.

 I have two cute rabbit/bunny home decor things that I pull out before Easter to get in the spirit.  I know I need to have more fun with it, but I have a hard time with it each year.  I just don't see the point of it all. My husband grew up with lots and lots of Easter traditions, I didn't,  so as a family we are kind of split when it comes to celebrating this holiday. 

Last year the stores really over-stocked themselves with Easter junk, so I did end up buying a whole bunch of Easter-clearance. 

As Jamee and I were trying to find something Easter-ish to decorate with, I ran into my stash of Easter clearance that I had saved.  In there was about 5 boxes of egg coloring kits. Among those,  there was a cute Monster egg coloring kit.  My two youngest ones were so excited to dye eggs that we had to do it before school yesterday.  Ashley wanted to take one to show her teacher REALLY bad, which of coarse I  discouraged.  I had to explain to her at least 3 times how eggs can't be out of the fridge all day.

Anyway, so let me tell you of my Easter issues.  I know I am not normal this way, but it is just kind of the way I am.  I really didn't grow up with Easter bunny anything.

Our "Easter" tradition was dying eggs, which we would do Easter morning. We would even dye the shelled boiled egg, making a very colorful tray of deviled eggs. I love this tradition that was kind of unique to our family. 

As a kid, our Easter celebration was vastly different  than that of my elementary school friends, most of them not overly religious. For them, it was another Christmas. Literally.  Their Easter was like my Christmas. They always got several outfits, toys, trinkets, and lots and lots of candy.

The talk at school was always, 'so...what did you get for Easter?' -which was a conversation that made me feel very awkward. I was a nervous child, and so I had great anxiety wondering HOW I was going to answer that question to my friends.  The thought of saying,  "ummm....we don't celebrate Easter at my house"  OR " ...........I didn't get anything" was  a scarey thought for a 6th grader who wanted to fit in!

At that age, I was beginning to connect the dots that Easter and Christ's resurrection went together, but what did all the commercialized celebration have to do with it?

I aked myself many times,  "so what IS Easter" Is it what my friends at school think it is, is it dying eggs, or is it something else? I really didn't have a concrete answer in my heart of what this holiday really was all about. 

I can  still remember walking into our church on Easter morning.  I was maybe 11.  There in the foyer  was a very large picture of the resurrected Savior.
I paused at it, and had a moment of reflecting-pondering,
as much as an 11 year-old can.  I remember distinctly feeling,
 "This is Easter"