Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recording and Remembering

On Sunday, I taught a lesson on Personal Records.  
This is a lesson that worked really well with the Laurels as most of them enjoy keeping a journal.

I love this quote from President Spencer W. Kimball:
"Keep a journal, the angels may quote from it"

I am an avid journal writer myself and have kept a personal journal since I was 9 years old. 

It has been really therapeutic to write and without it I would have lost many key experiences and memories that would have been long-time forgotten.

Think about it!  The only reason we have The Book of Mormon is because a record was kept.

Recently I have accumulated more journals and more things to keep a record of:

Daughter Journals

Scripture Journals
a must see{}

How Have I Notice the Lord's Hand in My Life Today- Journal
That is a really long title and maybe I should call it a Blessing Journal, but I wanted to put that whole title in there because it is so much more than just blessings.  Check out this Mormon Message from President Eyrings talk {O Remember, Remember}