Thursday, March 15, 2012

Packets of Light: YW activity


I love it when there is a General Conference talk that makes a great Sunday lesson AND a good weekday Young Women's activity.  Elder Richard G. Scott's talk from October 2011 conference is just that talk.  See {The Power of Scripture}

For our activity we used this super cute idea for value crayons from  Kristen at Value Crayons

We also bought our girls these pocket-size Book of Mormons.  They were $4 a piece.  That was a little pricey for one activity since we have 10 Laurels, but so worth it!  This is something we wanted to sink in deep.

We then made a list to be glued in the inside of their Book of Mormon.  This is a list taken from Elder Scott's talk and converted to be qualities of a best friend-how the scriptures can be their best friend.  {Click here} to download the glue-in list or create your own. 

I then spent some time looking up a couple of scriptures under each of those categories that they could mark in their scriptures.  {Click here} for that list or create your own.  My girls complained that the scriptures were not in chronological order on the page.  So that is my disclaimer!  I was in a hurry when I did it.

I just really really loved this activity.  It had such a great purpose.  I recommend it!

Packets of Light: YW Lesson