Thursday, March 22, 2012

General Conference Food Traditions

General Conference at our house is a 2nd holiday next to Christmas. {see previous post} 

Our food traditions are a big part of what makes it a special family weekend.
 I prepare food that is easy, self-service oriented, and tastey-good! 
Here are our Food Loves  during conference time:

Cinnamon Rolls
Download recipe {here}

Eggs and Ham Overnight
(Breakfast Casserole)
Download recipe {here}

Chicken Parmesan Salad Sandwiches
Download recipe {here}

*quick story:  The Eggs and Ham overnight we actually call "Mostly Eggs Mostly Potatoes"  My sister-in-law Wendy served these after her son's baptism years ago when my two oldest, Amber & Kelsey were very young.  Amber hates eggs and Kelsey hates potatoes.  At the brunch, they both came up to me secretly and said, "Mom do I like this?"  To Amber, who hates eggs I said, "yes, it is mostly potatoes." To Kelsey who hates potatoes I said, "yes, it is mostly eggs."  They were both completely content and relieved with those answers and ate it happily.